Key Benefits

  • No additional hardware or expensive equipment
  • Record, type & send from home or office
  • Professionally branded in line with your CI
  • Video encoding & branding happens automatically
  • Get instant notification when videos are watched
  • Send 1-to-1 or mass communication
  • Distribute via Email, SMS or Social channels
  • Increased customer satisfaction & retention
  • Free app for Android and Apple devices
  • Low monthly fees

The Apps

The free to download InstaVid app for iOS and Android transforms your sales team's smartphones into a powerful video marketing tool that retains the professionalism of your company's brand by automatically editing and branding each video before sending it a prospective buyer via Email or SMS.


InstaVid App

The Experience

Your customers can receive their personalised video message via email or SMS, ready to be played back on whichever device they view it on. Where applicable, they have instant access to relevant documents, detailed vehicle specifications, or explanatory service-related videos.


InstaVid on Devices


The Insights

Sales teams receive instant notifications as soon as their customers have watched their video providing the optimal opportunity to follow up and close the deal whilst their managers gain access to real-time reporting of their sales teams performance and activity.



If you're not using video in your
Sales Strategy
then now's a good time to start